Magic of Oaxaca Dinner

The Magic of Oaxaca 
A Special Dinner
with Chef Chris Fernandez
The Magic of Oaxaca
The jacarandas are in full bloom this time of year in Oaxaca, a colonial city in southern Mexico with a rich history dating back to pre-Colombian times.  

It's a magical place set amidst florescent lagoons and lush mountains, imbued with an aura of natural beauty, colorful streets, museums, and artful architecture.
Oaxaca today is recognized the world over as an important center of gastronomic variety. It is in the indigenous kitchens of Oaxaca that Chef Chris Fernandez grew up and apprenticed, refining his palate and passion as a matter of course.

Ingredients from the low-lands and highlands, native and regional, are all fair game in the kitchens of Oaxaca, elevating everything from street staples and traditional dishes to a level of gastronomic celebration.    

Chef Chris journeys back to his roots several time a year to recharge and renew his connection to the spirit of the Oaxacan kitchen. If you were there, you'd find him in one kitchen after another, doing what he loves most - celebrating with chefs, cooks, street vendors and relatives touched with the gift.

Chef Chris came back from his most recent trip with particularly great stories, all fired up to host the spirit of the Oaxacan kitchen right here in St Pete for family and friends. Thus, was born this event, dubbed, "The Magic of Oaxaca. " 
Be ready for a special night. Chef Chris has pulled out all the stops and is creating a seven-course menu of classic Oaxacan specialties. The selection of courses and the order in which they are enjoyed are guided by ancient customs that celebrate life and the bounty of nature's offerings. 

The seven courses will be paired with a selection of exquisite wines from around the hemisphere curated by Chef Chris and Andy Jay, General Manager of Red Mesa Cantina and resident aficionado.

Join us for this unique evening where you'll be transported to the traditional kitchen celebration with Chef Chris Fernandez, and
"The Magic of Oaxaca."

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Red Mesa's Chef Chris Fernandez
The Magic of Oaxaca

A 7-Course Celebration of Oaxacan Cuisine and Wine Pairing

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Starting at 7:00 pm

$150 General Admission
(includes food, wine & gratuity)
Light Cocktail Attire
Garage parking across the street. 3rd St South & 2nd Ave North

Chris Fernandez grew up in the kitchens of Oaxaca, Mexico where he was exposed to a great variety of regional foods and flavors from around Mexico. He apprenticed with the best from an early age and his passion for Mexican cooking traditions became his life.

Chef Chris joined the Veytias at the inception of the flagship Red Mesa Restaurant and has spearheaded the menu ever since through the opening of Red Mesa Cantina, Red Mesa Mercado, DeSanto Rooftop, Red Mesa Events and beyond. His wide range of culinary skills has brought innumerable accolades to the Red Mesa brand, putting each venue, each with a unique point of view, at the top of every list.

Featuring the Seven Moles of Oaxaca

The word mole comes from the Nahuatl Molli, which means “mixture.” Moles are a perfect culinary example of the Mestizaje that took place in Mexico after the arrival of the Spanish conquistators.
 Oaxaca State is divided into seven regions, each of which prepares a unique kind of mole.
Tickets are now Available. Seating is Limited
 Thursday, October 18, 2018 at 7:00 pm
Tickets are $150 each.
Includes the 7-Course Magic of Oaxaca Dinner, Wine Pairings, and Gratuity. 
The Red Mesa group of restaurants has served the community for 20+ years, starting with the flagship, Red Mesa Restaurant, serving Regional Mexican "alta cocina" cuisine and the first Sangria Bar in the region.

Then came Red Mesa Cantina, serving a broader range of Modern Mexican food, featuring the largest collection of Tequilas in the South. Red Mesa Mercado complements both with the traditional street fare popularized across Southern California and Mexico. All rated highly for excellent service and welcoming atmospheres, all rely on the culinary skills of Chef Chris Fernandez.
With this event, Chef Chris promises to deliver the best of the authentic traditions behind the world-renowned kitchens of Oaxaca, expressed through 7 courses, each one thoughtfully paired with an exquisite wine one would enjoy in the finest kitchens of Oaxaca. 


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"Chef Chris Fernandez is one of the most under-recognized chefs in America. His devotion to his craft is from the heart and his skills are world-class."

- Z. G., Restaurateur